Leigh Brown plays a variety of harp music in Portland Oregon
A funeral, memorial, or celebration of life is often one of the most difficult and challenging occasions we plan for our loved ones. These events are also difficult to organize because they can come together last minute or with unexpected circumstances. Leigh is excellent in helping to make the event calm and lovely when emotions are running high.

How to Choose the Right Music for a Funeral

When you hire Leigh as your harpist for a funeral, memorial, or celebration of life she can help you pick the songs that are the best for your event. Leigh plays all types of songs and genres, and she will do her best to learn a special song that was meaningful to your loved one if she doesn’t already have it in her repertoire.

These considerations will help you get started with picking the right music to be played on the harp:

  • Consider What Your Loved One Would Want

    Hearing your loved one’s favorite songs on the harp will make the event meaningful. A funeral doesn’t necessarily require somber music. Upbeat, unconventional, or lighthearted songs can be a great way to celebrate your loved one’s life.

  • Consult Your Loved One’s Music Library

    In addition to asking family and friends, you can also take a look at your loved one’s music library. You are bound to find several songs that will be perfect for celebrating and honoring your loved one’s life.

  • Ask Leigh for Recommendations

    As a professional harpist for over three decades, Leigh has a large selection of songs in her repertoire. From classic songs to modern hits, Leigh can help you create a list that will fit the mood of the service.

Funeral & Memorial Music Services

Portland, Salem, Vancouver, & Elsewhere

Since funerals can be unexpected and are often planned at the last minute, know that Leigh is open to working with you in terms of scheduling. She understands the challenges and stress in planning a funeral.

Coordinating funeral music with her is easiest with as much advance notice as possible, but she understands that this can’t always be the case. If there are specific songs or renditions you want her to play at your loved one’s funeral, it is best to get in contact with Leigh as soon as possible. With her large repertoire, she may already have prepared music you request.

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