Leigh Brown playing harp for events
Hiring a harpist for your next corporate event will wow your guests and make for a unique and memorable experience. The perks described below are just some of the reasons why a harpist will positively transform any event you are hosting.

  • 1. Impress Clients

    According to Event Manager Blog, a blog for event managers and coordinators from around the world, party planners break down their priorities for event attendees into three categories: networking, learning, and entertainment. 82% of party planners surveyed said that networking is number one, while 71% said learning was the top priority. When it comes to entertainment, 38% of planners are focused on making sure guests have a good time.

    Entertainment should never be thrown by the wayside. If you want to impress your clients and make your business gathering memorable, live music is the perfect option. With harp music filling your event space while guests mingle, you and your clients can enjoy unique entertainment and stunning renditions of classic and contemporary favorites.

  • 2. Elevate the Experience

    While there are a variety of corporate event entertainment services in Portland to choose from, hiring Leigh is the best way to add sophistication and class to any event. The main goal of most corporate events is to provide a memorable and fun experience. You can impress those in attendance by hiring Leigh as your event harpist.

    It is not every day that the average person can enjoy harp music, and you are sure to elevate the overall guest experience at your next event when you book Leigh for an hour or two, or for the entirety of your event. Your employees and clientele will be awed by the sound and style of gorgeous harp music from the moment they arrive.

  • 3. Show Employee Appreciation

    Your employees work hard and deserve to feel they are valued and appreciated. By hiring an event harpist, you will show your employees that you are willing to go beyond basic party planning and invest in an exceptional form of entertainment.

    With her professionalism and talent, you will love working with Leigh. Her skills and presence bring a touch of class to any event. As your employees mingle, network, and converse, they will appreciate the beautiful harp music filling the space.

  • 4. Grow Your Business

    Did you know that hosting live events can help your business grow? According to Entrepreneur Magazine, live events for businesses are the best way to fuel growth and generate more customers. Market research shows that live events are more important than ever for both consumers and business owners. Company events are a great way to establish company values in a public setting, target a specific audience, and cultivate lasting business relationships.

    While corporate events in and of themselves can be memorable, you can ensure that your clientele and other guests will never forget your business or brand by hiring the right entertainment. Whether you are hosting a grand opening or celebrating a major business milestone, harp music is the perfect way to create an atmosphere that represents your business best.

  • 5. Stand Out from the Competition

    Live events help increase business connections and networking opportunities. They can also help your business stand out from the competition. With a harpist as your event entertainment, your company will undoubtedly differentiate itself from your competitors. Your guests and business supporters will spread the word, share photos on social media, and let it be known that your business is the kind of entity that is willing to invest in live music performed by a professional harpist.

Wow Clients with a Memorable Experience

An event harpist is the perfect way to add class to your event. Leigh is flexible when it comes to scheduling and, if available, happy to play last minute for events. Whether you are looking to hire her for an afternoon brunch or an annual black-tie event, she will be the perfect fit. Impress your clients and your business associates with a professional harp performance at your next event.

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