Covid-19 has made for challenging times. Normal routines are now replaced by a new normal of masks and gloves, social distancing and canceling our plans with friends and family. With the seriousness of the virus and its ability to do so much damage, it truly is important that we abide by the CDC and our local government and keep our distance from each other to avoid spreading the Corona Virus.

One of the challenges for me has been the cancelation of so many weddings, events and performances. I miss sharing my music with people and under the current circumstances, it is important that these events are on pause. However, I did have the incredible experience to share my music this past Easter Sunday at a local retirement home by playing outside the building. Once I started playing, I could hear the click of many windows opening as residents settled in their rooms to listen. Many other residents came outside to sit in the parking area and kept a 6 foot distance from me but were still able to enjoy the music. It truly meant so much to them to have live music during these hard times. It also meant a lot to me.

leigh brown social distancing playing harp
leigh brown social distancing playing harp
leigh brown social distancing playing harp

“We had rave reviews! It was a blessed Easter & thank you for spreading the joy!” – Carey Dienhart, Program & Events Director at The Stafford Retirement Community

I mention this on my blog so that people know I can still offer a wonderful music experience that is amplified with my speaker equipment and it will most definitely brighten people’s day. Not only did I help make Easter special for the residents of the retirement community but also for people walking by with their dogs who cheered and clapped and often paused to hear the music.

Another thing to consider during these tough times is that Zoom Chat has become a wonderful way for friends and family to connect since they can’t do so in person. I do it weekly with my family and it helps take away some of the stress and sadness of the situation because even just seeing their faces means so much. I am even going to do a small “concert” for my family this coming weekend and I know it will be fun.

If people would consider using Zoom Chat as a way to incorporate “live” harp music for a wedding, a family gathering or even streamed into a hospital room, it could be a wonderful option for those that want to connect and have a bit of live music in their lives. It may sound strange but the technology is there and it gives people a way to “be together” many miles away.

I look forward to when we can see our friends and family in person again and enjoy live music and other forms of art. Until then, being creative in order to still have these experiences is going to have to do.